Can My Business Make Money With Google Advertising?

Google has started many services over the years. And which ever services it has started has dominated the market. If you look at the immense number of searches people make from round the world in a single day, you will find a great opportunity to make money with Google advertising. It is the most demanding place to advertise your business. There two most famous ways to make money with Google. In this article I will talk about them in detail.Google AdWords:If you notice carefully while searching on Google, you will see ads displayed in right column having a heading “Sponsored Ads or Sponsored Listing”. These are the ads displayed by Google AdWords. Not only these ads, but the ads that you see in your Gmail are also displayed by AdWords. Google also displays ads to many famous news and media websites, magazine websites etc. If you wish your business ad to be displayed in all these places, you will need to register yourself with Google AdWords. It runs on Pay Per Click campaigns. That means, you will have to set up your ads with the required details and Google will display your ads to all those possible places that I just mentioned. In this advertising system you will have to pay some amount to Google. But you pay only when someone clicks your ads. A user clicks on an ad and lands on your website, and you pay Google to bring you traffic. This is how Google AdWords works.Google AdSense:You may have noticed in many of the websites these days displaying textual ads and visual ads, that say in the bottom right corner “Ads by Google”. These are the ads displayed by Google AdSense program. When you click on that ads, a website owner who is displaying this ads is getting paid by Google. This is a free service that Google offers to all the webmasters round the world. If you have a business website and wish to make extra money with Google Advertising, go to Google AdSense and sign-up for free. It may take couple of days for them to verify your residential address. Once the verification is done, you can set up your own size of ad units with customized colors that match with your website template. Next, they give you a code to paste in your website. Your AdSense ads are ready to display on your website.

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